NN004 – Fears & Unknowns

Fear (noun) – an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Fear of….what?

Fear is a funny thing. It can fill us so full of dread that we can’t move. Scare us so bad that we NEVER want to go through something again.

We have all been there – your boss says you need to get up in front of the team and present the details on the new plan. Your spouse comes home and announces that the two of you are invited to a company gathering. You are fed up with the same old, same old at your job but making a switch is terrifying.

There are countless ways that fear can be a limiting factor in your life. We all have the handful that will stop us…

The crazy thing is – Fear is 100% a mind game.

None of the examples above present any real danger that should actually warrant a fear response. So then why do we let our minds dictate that response in us?

The Unknown

The fear of the unknown is a powerful foe – I would know because I let it run my life for far too long. This fear is a byproduct of needing to know EXACTLY how something will turn out before you get started.

That is a pipe dream.

It is impossible to know exactly what is going to happen in a given scenario before you start

That’s why it is called the unknown.

Do you think the astronauts that went to the moon knew how the trip was going to go? Talk about a scenario where fear of the unknown would have been expected. But still they went.

Next time you are afraid of taking the next big step in your life but not knowing how it will turn out is stopping you try this:

  • Identify the ONE BIGGEST thing that gives you pause
  • Ask yourself what the worst outcome would be if that thing actually happened
  • If the answer doesn’t include physical harm, you will be fine

Truly ask yourself and listen for the answers.

Go for a walk, move to a room without a TV, whatever it takes to remove distractions to actually ask yourself… and then listen for answers.

Once you are able to really analyze the few things that are actually holding you back, I bet you will find that they aren’t really that bad

Fight the Fear

Fear is a natural part of life. Unknowns are major contributors to those fears – but they can be beaten. The part of your brain that tells you that something is scary can be told to take a hike.

So tell it to take a hike!!

Living a life in fear of the unknown can only lead you to a boring, worried and limited life.

See you next week

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